Careers in identity essay

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Professional Identity and Careers Essay Sample

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Professional Identity and Careers Essay University of Phoenix Professional Identity and Careers Kimberly C. Kriesel Professional Identity and Careers The following paper will discuss the concept of professional identity and why it is important to the successful future of mental health counseling.

Professional Identity and Careers Essay Sample.

Professional identity and career paper

The rising need in society for meeting basic physical, emotional, and mental needs demands a greater visibility for the counseling profession that does not exist today. Understanding the definition of the concept of counseling as a professional identity empowers professionals going into this field.

Professional identity has been defined as “the possession of a core set of values, beliefs and assumptions about the unique characteristics of one’s selected profession that differentiates it from other professions” (Weinrach, Thomas, & Chan,p. ). Professional identity is not acquired at once it is a process of one understanding the profession as [ ].

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Careers in identity essay
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